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New originals!


After months of a total - call it what you will - "art block", "funk", "burnout" - inspiration has finally returned to get me finishing some of these originals I've had inked since September. And for a change, I'm trying to push my own personal boundries and start adding more color to my drawings. This has also happened to me digitally as well, as I've gone into a few older pieces that I never finished and started re-working them with more color than before, as I keep telling myself "skin doesn't necessarily have a brown shadow." As someone that's struggled through most of their life with color choices, I'm trying to be bolder, explore more and give myself something new to achieve. Anyways, there are more coming as my brain releases its thoughts, so I hope you enjoy this new turn in my work as much as I am having fun creating it!

Much love always,


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